About Me Obsessed Tarot Reader

I love all things mystical. That’s the short answer for who I am. Otherwise, my name is Jess and I’ve been involved in Tarot since I was around 10. I’m now at that sparkly age of 33! Although it’s been a long, long time with Tarot, I’m still in awe when predictions come true.

I love reading for people more than I ever thought I would. I find joy in the help Tarot provides others, even when the cards aren’t exactly positive. I find people are appreciative of the cards and the guidance they provide. I enjoy the solace that others choose to take in my own decks, when ordering a reading from me. I can’t imagine not reading Tarot for the rest of my life.

Other than my obvious love of Tarot, I also love Oracles, especially Lenormand. I am obsessed with crystals and gemstones. I never even leave the house without my army of crystal jewelry! I’m not well versed in astrology, but I have an appreciation for those that are, and do like seeing the symmetry in what’s going on in the stars in relation to my current life.

For those that are curious, I am an airy, earthy sun Gemini sign. Libra is my Rising. While I am pretty down to earth, I’m always too active in my head.

Hope to someday read for you if I haven’t yet!

It's not always about predicting your future, but for receiving guidance and insight on the path you're headed. Tarot is a wonderful tool for guidance, one I refuse to live without.