Welcome to Tarot Expressions!
I provide a variety of private readings using Tarot or Oracle decks, or in some cases, combining both. I've been using Tarot for many years and love reading for other people. Looking forward to reading for many more people in the future!
Why I Read
I've been studying Tarot since 10 years old. Now over 30, I have better understanding of each card, although the learning never stops. What I love most is seeing a situation in the cards and thereafter seeing predictions come to light.
How I Read
For each new reading, I gather the energy of all my decks and choose the one that provides the strongest signal. For each reading, I light my two incense sticks and concentrate on the querent and their questions/situation with the hope of providing as much clarity as possible.
What I Do
I study Tarot everyday, reading for myself and others. I buy new decks and learn the various way all the different decks communicate the meanings of the cards. I offer personal readings for anyone that's interested establishing a connection with myself and my cards.