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Mini Exercise : Describe How You Feel Using One Tarot Card

As of late I’ve been finding myself talking about feelings in tarot form. I wasn’t even intentionally doing it, it just happened one day, where I found myself thinking “man, I feel 8 of swords today”. In retrospect, it makes me laugh to think about. Maybe I’m a little too involved¬†with my tarot cards? Nah, no such thing. It’s actually quite fun to do because it brings forward a stronger connection with the card that best describe your current feelings. When I think of myself as 8 of swords, for[…]

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Duo Tarot : 6 of Cups and 9 of Swords

The first duo that’s come up is the 6 of Cups and the 9 of Swords. The deck I’ve used this time is the Sharman-Caseli Tarot Deck. So, first things first, we have the lovely 6 of Cups, which is one of my favorite cards. On it’s own, the card is young, naive, genuine, and filled with pleasant memories of the past. It’s a card of nostalgia and overall has a warm, carefree vibe. The second card, the 9 of Swords, is the card of nightmares. It’s one of my[…]

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The Duo Experiment

As of today, I thought I’d start doing a little “duo experiment”, which really just means pulling out two random tarot cards and analyzing what the combo could potentially mean. This will help me learn about the cards together and help come up with different stories that the duos can be trying to convey. It will also open up different thoughts about these cards when I do any of my regular readings. Hope you enjoy!

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Unexpected Tarot Answers

Several days ago, before my trip, I asked some of my strongest decks how my trip will go. I asked this question, mostly because it has been a long time since I’ve traveled, let alone traveled completely alone. Interestingly enough, when I asked a few of my decks their thoughts, the answers were not only similar but on the darker end than I expected. The repeating cards were the 3 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Death and the Tower. Now, this was not the comforting response I[…]

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Seeing Cards in Different Lights, Temperance

Every day I do 3 card dailies for myself as a guide to what the day may bring. Doing these dailies are extremely beneficial in providing the various definitions each card can bring. Temperance, The Devil and The Lovers Lo Scarabeo Tarot – BUY THIS DECK Well, on a Tuesday morning in early June, after shuffling my Universal Waite tarot deck and pulling three cards, I received quite a clear message regarding what this day was going to be about. The three cards were : Temperance, The Devil and The[…]

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Tarot Deck Review : Anna K

Surprisingly, Anna K was one of the decks I kept pushing off from buying because I always found another deck I wanted just a bit more. There were also some cards that, from the images and videos I’ve watched, I thought were hideous looking to be frank (Empress, Queen of Wands, etc). However, when I finally decided to just buy them once and for all, with the expectation they would find a nice cozy slot on one of my tarot bookcases, it turned out this would be one of the[…]

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