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Welcome to Tarot Expressions
Providing In Depth Readings for the World

What I Do

I study Tarot on a daily basis, reading for myself and others. I also love getting new decks and learning the various way all the different decks communicate the various meanings of the cards.

I offer personal readings for anyone that’s interested establishing a connection with myself and my cards.

How I Read Tarot

For each new reading, I gather the energy of all my decks and choose the one that provides the strongest signal. For each reading, I light my two incense sticks and concentrate on the querent and their questions/situation with the hope of providing as much clarity as possible.

Why I Read Tarot

I love Tarot. I’ve been learning and growing with tarot cards since pre-teen. Now over 30, I have better understanding of each card, although the learning never stops. Which is what I love about Tarot most.

I can’t explain it, but there’s nothing more amazing than seeing a situation in the cards and most of all, seeing predictions come to light.

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